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My investment plan - warning long

My investment plan
Hello all I wanted to share my investment plan here to get some advice and ask some questions. A little background about me I’m married have abo both still in college almost done and I’m 25 both have stable jobs. We have no real debt to speak of. I have been trading in forex for two years never have really loss or gained any returns. But I only invested only $200 just to put a toe in the water. I’m here not to ask for advice on buying a particular stock I know that’s not real welcome, I’m more here to gain more insight and to discuss my investment plan and take suggestions. However over the past couple of months I have grown more concerned of our finical future and began to think more on the lines of short(day to day) medium(5-10 years) and long (retirement) terms when it comes to investing.
The way I’m thinking of breaking my investments down are in three ways:
Long term (retirement)
I’m thinking about doing a Roth IRA account, I do have a retirement account with my employer( that I really do need to check on I have not touched it since I opened it.) I’m not sure which broker I want to go with for a Roth IRA, however I do have a few questions about how the interworking’s work. I plan on wanting this option to be more hand off not much interaction however the most interaction every quarter.
I know you’re supposed to feed money to the account during the year, but how much money do you need to open the account?
Also does the money come from your Check when one gets paid or does one make the despots on their own from there bank account?
Can it also be monthly deposits and can those be variable $50 one month $100 the next month or $0?
Form what I have read its best to choose Index funds and not picking the stocks yourself, the indexes should give your IRA a good diversification. Or how should I invest it. Should I consider a Lazy portfolios like what is suggested here ?
I don’t want to rollover my current retirement account with my employer is there any negatives to having the retirement account with my employer and opening a Roth IRA and have two retirement account?
I have looked at vanguard since it was recommend by investing for the longer term option, besides there low fees why go with them? I have look at their site they are currently a top contender. Also the suggestion from this thread ( ) seems to be in line with what I have plan.
Medium (5-10) years
For medium term investments I’m thinking of doing dividend reinvestment plans and Direct Stock Purchase Plans. For this I have selected a company and I wouldn’t mind having this money tied up and the stock is cheap. one can buy stock from them and the stock you directly hold and one gets paid dividends and they are reinvested. I will probably look at other companies as my capital grows but I was wanting to use Coca-Cola as a starting point for DRP and DSP. What does investing think?
*Day to day * I do have experience in trading the forex market, never have really made anything and I have not blown an account. Here I’m thinking of just day to day trading, I choose forex over day trading stocks because it’s what I already know and placing each trade is cheaper than what I have seen when trading stocks. I know forex seems to be risky however what other day to day investment tool is not risky…. I don’t plan on putting a lot of money here just something to earn extra cash from.
Gold and silver
I also do over time however plan on buying physical gold and silver, I won’t put a lot into this but if the opportunity comes up and the above is being well funded and I have spare income I do plan on buy silver then gold.
High interest online bank
I see this mention quite a bit does investing have a compiled list? Or recommend a online bank?
So that’s my investment plan and questions. I’m sure some will find major holes in it but if you do all I ask is give your reason and a suggestion. Didn’t expect this be this long, but hey I gave a warning. I don’t expect one person to be able to answer all of these questions, so don’t feel like you have to just if you have something to say or suggest just chime in. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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